Quality Assurance

Self-Leveling Machines India company policies and procedures require all management and personnel adhere to the Company Quality System established upon ISO 9000 standards.

Self Leveling Machines India Mission Statement

Self-Leveling Machines is dedicated to combine integrity with commitment to quality, to meet safety requirements, and the expectations and needs of our customers.

Self Leveling Machines India Objectives for Quality

Provide quality services and products by striving to exceed the changing needs and expectations of our customers.

To meet the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001 to foster continuous process improvement and problem prevention instead of problem detection.

Maintain a team approach that emphasizes increased productivity and mutual respect, with professionalism, positive attitudes and pride in workmanship.

Provide training and assign individual responsibilities for quality and accountability that encourages every employee to work toward his or her full potential.

Project Documentation

SLMI will provide a report prior to machining any surface. The report will be discussed with the Client to determine the best, fake rolex recommended machining procedure. SLMI can machine horizontally, at a given angle or most commonly ‘to the plane of best fit’. SLMI will provide a written survey report of the post-machined results of all projects. The Client is encouraged to swiss rado replica witness the acquisition of survey data.

The survey data results are computer analyzed to determine the minimum error envelope achieved. Written reports fake rolex sale display the original data, the error from the plane of best fit and the total flatness envelope error.

If requested, documentation may also display the original condition prior to machining.