The Laser Controlled eXtra Large Circular Self Leveling Machine - XLCSLM

Technical Information

The XL-CSLM is specifically designed to machine horizontal or near horizontal circular faces from 6 to 50 meters diameter (20 to 150ft).

Like its smaller brother, the CSLM, the XL-CSLM is relatively compact and fast to assemble on the work piece because it does not require large rado replica bearings and housings to support a rigid arm from the center of the work piece or complex and precisely set rails to run on. Instead a milling head, rotating at the hublot replica sale diameter to be machined is supported on wheels rolling on the surface being machined and connected by beams to a central pivot post.

The machine cuts a flat plane because the wheels are controlled to maintain the milling cutter in a level plane by hublot replica sale referencing off a central scanning laser, which has been set to the desired plane.

Again, like the CSLM, many other concentric and parallel faces can be machined once the face on which the machine rolls has been machined.