Offshore Structures (Fabrication onshore)

Test Beds

Machining of mark out and modeling and satellite assembly tables
Portable machine: CSLM (Circular Self Leveling Mill) or LSLM (Laser
Controlled Linear Self Leveling Mill) or X/Y Mill

Cranes – Dockside or Industrial

Pedestal and Revolving Frame Slew Ring Surfaces
Portable machine: LP-CSLM (Low Profile Circular Self Leveling Mill)

Photo: Dockside crane: USA

Forges / Presses / Die Casters
Portable machine: X/Y Mill

Radio and Optical Telescope Manufacture

Slew Ring Faces – Pedestal and Yoke including hole drilling
Slew Drive Mount Faces
CSLM (Circular Self Leveling Mill)
Dish Mount Faces
X/Y Mill

Photos: Slew drive and Yoke milling (Dish mount): USA

Weir Gates
Portable machine: X/Y Mil

Photo: Weir Gate machining: Philippines

Impregnation Tanks
XL-CSLM (Laser Controlled Circular Self Leveling Mill)

Photos: Impregnation Tank machining: Sweden