Industries Using SLM

Our initial project was machining Guided Missile Launch System Mount surfaces in Navy frigates. Since that time, SLM has expanded to include large machining services for the mining, offshore oil and gas production, fossil and nuclear power generation, fabrication, steel and process industries.

With over 20 years of on-site machining experience, SLM has worldwide coverage from bases located in USA, Australia, the Middle East Europe and now in India.

Steel Industry

Mill Stands – Wear Plate Surfaces, Mae West Block keys

Portable machine: Symmetrical Mill
Lower Load cell face / Latch plate Surfaces

Portable machine: X/Y Mill

Photos: Symmetrical Mill in Mill Stand: USA


BOF Lid Flanges / Blast Furnace Lip Ring Portable machine: CSLM (Circular Self Leveling Mill)

Photo: Blast furnace lip ring: USA

Electric arc Furnace / Ladle slew ring faces Portable machine: CSLM (Circular Self Leveling Mill)

Photo: Electric Arc Furnace slew ring face: Mexico